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Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
A. A deposit of £10 or 40% on larger cakes is required to secure the booking

Q. Do you deliver?
A. I do offer delivery for an additional charge on large tiered cakes only. Other cakes will need to be collected.

Q. What size cake do I need?

Up to 15 people - 8 inch round / 8 inch square
15 to 25 people - 9 inch round / 9 inch square
25 to 40 people - 10 inch round / 10 inch square
40 to 60 people - 11 inch round / 11 inch square
60 to 80 people - 12 inch square

Q. What flavour cakes are available?
A. The most popular flavoured cakes are:-
Vanilla cake with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream
Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing
Lemon cake with lemon curd and vanilla buttercream
Other flavours are:-
Carrot cake with vanilla buttercream
Caramel cake with salted caramel buttercream
Strawberry flavoured cake with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream

Q. Are gluten free cakes available?
A. Yes but only as a traditional round or square cake. Gluten free cakes are not suitable or carving into other shapes

Q. Are vegan cakes available?
A. At the moment unfortunately no, I have yet to find a suitable vegan cake recipe.

Q. How long do cakes last?
A. For the vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavoured cake I use a madeira cake recipe which keeps well and would last around a week. For the other flavours around 3 days.

Q. Are eggless cakes available?
A. No, unfortunately I find eggless cakes too fragile to work with

Q. How much do cakes cost?
A. See pricing chart

Nicky Kirby Cakes
Nicky Kirby Cakes
Nicky Kirby Cakes

Nicky Kirby Cakes

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